PurseWIPES®️ Leather Purse Cleaner: 28 Pack

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"Bought these for my wife who has an extensive (and expensive!) purse collection. Got all the gunk, pen marks etc that come from toting around 3 kids and all their snacks/crayons and who knows what else."

"Will be a staple in our house moving forward."

" The textured dots on the wipes really help to get out dirt and grime, and the wipes are damp enough to get things clean without getting surfaces so wet that it takes longer to dry." 

These leather purse cleaners are great for removing dirt, stains, and grime from your bags, backpacks, or clutches.

Ideal to keep near you to keep your leather purse squeaky clean.

Easy & mess-free leather purse stain remover 

  • Tackle any tough mark on your bag and get it looking as good as new in no time;
  • Our cleaning wipes are the ultimate purse companion for removing dirt, sticky messes, stains, and more.

Innovative formula to keep your leather purse clean. 

  • Use the ScrubNubs side to wipe away sticky messes and gunk, then use the smooth side to finish the cleaning on sensitive surfaces;
  • Effective yet gentle cleaning with no harsh chemicals.

Keep your leather purse clean while protecting yourself.

  • PurseWIPES ®️ contain the perfect amount of benzalkonium chloride so you know your leather purse is as clean as necessary around loved ones.

The perfect leather purse cleaner you can take anywhere.

  • Each PurseWIPES ®️ pack comes packaged includes seven pre-moistened, dual-sided cleaning wipes for cleaning your leather purse.