SneakERASERS // Just Add Water 10-Pack

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WHAT YOU GET: 10 total sponges!

  • "Just Add Water" SneakERASERS 10-Pack Shoe Cleaners for deep cleaning at home


Quickly and easily revive your shoes... Sneakers, running shoes, 

athletic shoes / cleats, kids shoes, cheer shoes, clogs, and many more!



    • The absolute best cleaning and restoring capability, especially for white soles!
    • Unique composition of sponge and shammy with with no harsh chemicals
    • Works on all types of footwear but avoid using the white side of this product on ultra-delicate suede
    • Like a pencil eraser, SneakERASERS sponges naturally disintegrate as they work
    • Rub gently to extend life of sponge
    • When sponge dries, simply add water to fully reactivate!
    • Patent Pending