GolfERASERS®️ Instant Golf Club Cleaner Bundle

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"Better than your golf towel." 

"What every golfer needs!"

"Keep your clubs clean and grooves free of debris, just wipe down between shots with the eraser saturated with water."


  • 1 x GolfERASERS Instant golf club cleaner 6-pack which includes a GolfERASERS Bag Tag Tether to keep your GolfERASERS instant golf club cleaner accessible on the course
  • 1 x GolfERASERS Instant golf club cleaner 12-pack refill
  • 1 x Premium GolfERASERS golf towel with clip

Clean your club faces, golf balls and shoes - accessible from your golf bag.

Our GolfERASERS instant golf club cleaners are specifically designed to keep you and your equipment clean on the course. Not only will you look better, but you’ll play better!

  • Use in Between Strokes - Keep your golf clubs clean throughout your round and improve your whole game; Clean golf club faces help improve accuracy and overall performance; GolfERASERS work better than stiff metal golf brushes and towels
  • Remove dirt, mud, sand, and grass instantly from your golf balls, clubs, and shoes
  • Quick, effective, and convenient miracle erasing sponges with a design and composition unlike any other golf club cleaning product out there
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Our sponges only work when wet; Each sponge needs to be moistened before swiping club faces; Reusable; If they begin to dry, simply add more water to fully reactivate
  • Like a pencil eraser, our instant golf club cleaner sponges naturally disintegrate as they work
  • Rub gently to extend life of sponge
  • When sponge dries, simply add water to fully reactivate!
  • Patent Pending

What you get with this golf club cleaner bundle.

Dual-Sided Sponge w/ Golf Bag Tag Tether

  • The GolfERASERS instant golf club cleaner 6-pack includes a silicone tether to hang these effective cleaners right off your golf bag.
  • Each cleaner comes with a tough, green scouring side and a fine-abrasive white side for versatility in cleaning all golf equipment. 

Use in-between strokes to clean golf balls

  • During your round, just grab the ‘in use’ sponge to easily clean your golf club faces in-between shots.
  • Clean your golf ball for better accuracy and putting. Before discarding your cleaner and placing your shoes back in your car, pop off the sponge to remove dirt and grass from your shoes.
  • Finally, something more effective than a brush!