AutoERASERS®️ Leather Car Seat Cleaner: 8 Pack

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"This sponge is literally amazing. I had so many scuffs and scratches on my little Kia and it took most of it away! Looks like a brand new car now."

AutoERASERS are quick, effective car detailing sponges to keep your car sparkling in-between full car washes.

🛞 Great for polishing aluminum wheels.
🪄 Works like magic to remove blue jean stains from your white Tesla seats.
Quick, effective, and convenient miracle scuff erasing sponges.
🚗 Cleans exterior & interior of car.
✏️ Like a pencil eraser, AutoERASERS®️ sponges naturally disintegrate as they work
❤️ Perfect for touch-ups between car washes.

It's the best no-mess way to clean the inside & outside of your car.

AutoERASERS®️ are perfect for detailing the entire car; From rims, wheels, tires, windshields, wheel wells, door panels, armrests, and steering wheels to sensitive paints, tinted windows, headlights, and clear plastics.

What's included in this leather car seat cleaner kit?

8x Instant Detailing Sponges

Make black marks, grime, insects, sap, grease, shoe marks, brake dust, and dirt instantly disappear from your car.

1 x Premium microfiber towel (colors may vary)

Great for polishing and cleaning your car before or after use of our AutoERASERS®️ sponges.

What you should know about AutoERASERS®️.

  • Our sponges only work when wet.
  • They come individually packaged and pre-moistened to clean your car on-the-go.
  • If they begin to dry, simply add water to fully reactivate.