Sneakers white shoe cleaner (20 pack)

Get your shoes shine quickly and easy in 30 seconds.

You'll get 20 just add water SneakERASERS white shoe cleaners. Perfect for restoring your favorite shoes at home. These work great on your sneakers, running shoes, athletic shoes, cleats, kids shoes, cheer shoes, clogs, and many more!



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Cleans shoes like new within 30 seconds

The absolute best cleaning and restoring capability, especially for white soles!

  • Unique composition of sponge and shammy with no harsh chemicals
  • Works on all types of footwear but avoid using the white side of this product on ultra-delicate suede
  • Like a pencil eraser, SneakERASERS sponges naturally disintegrate as they work
  • Rub gently to extend life of sponge
  • When sponge dries, simply add water to fully reactivate!

“It's the best white shoe cleaner you'll find online because you can these anywhere!"

Effective Smooth Design

This new Powerful micro-scrubbers is designed to remove tought marks, scuffs and dirt from any sole effectively and quickly. 

“It's the best white shoe cleaner you'll find online because you can these anywhere!"

Do you want your shoes to outshine?


Jenifer C


My entire experience with this company has been outstanding! From the ease of ordering, to the quick response to questions, and to the actual product itself. I am amazed by the product. This should be on everyone’s list of must haves!!

Randy Tyler

Personal Stylish

The Sneakeraser shoe cleaner worked wonders on my white canvas sneakers! Easy to use and the brush that came with it helped to get into all the crevices. Highly recommend!

Edwin MCKenzie

Travel Blogger

I used the Sneakeraser shoe cleaner and it worked great! My shoes look like new again.